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The Book - Faces of Gastronomy Berlin

The Book - Faces of Gastronomy Berlin

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Faces of  Gastronomy - Berlin

Portraits, Stories & Visions

Limited Edition | English version, 240 x 310 mm, 416 pages

Culinary contemporary history, frozen on 416 pages full of passion and dedication, designed with a special love for detail.

This book takes its readers on a journey through the vibrant gastronomic scene of the German capital from a completely new perspective:

The focus lies on the protagonists of the scene, who are as colorful as the city of Berlin itself. It is to these people that this book is dedicated.

Breathtaking photographs by two photographers whose DNA is also shaped by the city of Berlin, coupled with a refreshingly unconventional writing style by the author,

who deliberately does not quite want to be pushed into a particular corner, tell those stories. A delight on every level.

Follow the journey, enter the world and stories of the people of Berlin gastronomy. You won't get more personal insights anywhere else.

The book is a visual eye-catcher for every living room or as a stylish gift to take with you.

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